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Answered: Project 10-Sending and Receiving Codable Data

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For those curious, I was able to work this out myself...

I had placed the List modifier

 .task {
   await loadData()

in the wrong location. Once placed correctly on the List, the receipt of codable data was successful.


      I'm working on Project 10 and currently reviewing the section titled "Sending and receiving Codable data with URLSession and SwiftUI". The section builds a program to fetch some song data from itunes. 

I have reviewed the lesson and built the app per Paul's instructions. The app builds successfully but I get no results from iTunes, i.e., no list of trackName and collectionName appear in the Simulator. It just sits there blank.

Any thoughts why I am not receiving the data from iTunes? Code follows...


import SwiftUI

struct Response: Codable {
    var results: [Result]
struct Result: Codable {
    var trackId: Int
    var trackName: String
    var collectionName: String

struct ContentView: View {
    @State private var results = [Result]()
    func loadData() async {
        guard let url = URL(string: "https://itunes.apple.com/search?                    term=taylor+swift&entity=song&limit=25") else {
            print("Invalid URL")
        do {
            let (data, _) = try await URLSession.shared.data(from: url)
            if let decodedResponse = try? JSONDecoder().decode(Response.self, from: data) {
              results = decodedResponse.results
        } catch {
            print("Invalid data")

    var body: some View {
        List(results, id: \.trackId) { item in
            VStack(alignment: .leading) {
            .task {
              await loadData()

struct ContentView_Previews: PreviewProvider {
    static var previews: some View {


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