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Day 77: Performing async function using .onChange

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I have finished Day 77 Challenge (The project that users can add and store photo and name) and my code run without problem. However I can not make one of my functions async.

I use MVVM. This function is inside "AddPersonViewModel"

        func loadImage() async {
            Task { @MainActor in
                guard let inputImage = inputImage else {
                    loadingState = .failed
                jpegData = inputImage.jpegData(compressionQuality: 0.8)!
                image = Image(uiImage: inputImage)
                loadingState = .loaded

I try to call the function as below;

.onChange (of: addPersonViewModel.inputImage, perform: { _ in addPersonViewModel.loadImage() })

I got "'async' call in a function that does not support concurrency" error. If I make function sync, then it runs but I get some purple errors during loading images.


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