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Noob on Day 5: Some Questions

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Hello to all, I have enjoyed being part of the community for the short time that I have been learning.

One thing that I have been concerned about, and something that I am sure most of you have thought about at least once on your journey, is how much information I am retaining.

I am taking in so much, and trying to get my head around each section on each day but sometimes I am spending 2-3 hours on one day because I go over it several times trying to understand. A couple days later though, I am forgetting what I went over on that day and getting silly questions wrong because I haven't noticed a parenthesis missing, or that the code is trying to modify a constant.

My questions are:

1) Do you stick to the 1 hour a day and get through each day within that time? 2) Do you continue even though you may not have taken in the last section fully? 3) Do you get concerned that you aren't remebering what you learned 2-3 days ago? 4) For those that are 20-30+ days in, do you feel more confident in what you learned in the first 5 days? Doesn it all come back?

I guess all I am trying to get at is, should I give myself a break and just carry on through the days enjoying the content? I am enjoying it, and I reckon I am probably averaging around 70% on the tests.

Any tips or words of advice welcome!

Thank you in advance for creating such a great community for beginners to feel welcome :-)


I'm a beginner to. I watched and did up to the 6th project but didn't really know what I was doing or why. I then played around making buttons loops stacks etc. which helped a lot. And now I'm going over everything again from the first project and it makes much more sense this time round. I know Paul has put this out for free and he has to make some assumptions about peoples abilities but to be honest it was beyond me the first time round. Hope this helps, also I've asked a few specific questions on the forum and been helped every time.


I think MattManning007 has the right idea!


Hi @TekkyAddict.

A few pointer

First nobody writes code without forgeting some parenthesis etc, (xcode will not built and alerts you that you done something wrong), and if try to change a let value it will tell you.

While I usually do not always remember the exact code, I know where I did it before so look it up. (or google)

The course is designed so that you do code that you will use all the time and time again. (So lots of practice).

I would keep going and enjoy yourself and if you get stuck you can alway ask here, even if you think it trivial, and if people can help they will that whats makes this forum great.

Happy Coding


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