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Mac mini coming to hospital. Yay!!

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I love my husband. He is the best..

Since I'm going to be here two weeks the staff said he can bring my Mac mini up here with a19" TV and use Wi-fi to continue my classes. I can hook up with Wi-fi...

This is wonderful. I hope it gets here today. We are about an hour from the hospital. If will make functions so much easier than handwritten notes. xCode is on the way hopefully this evening.. I make tons of notes on xcode. Some have 200+ lines of notes and practice code for each lesson.

Can't have visitors so this will make life great again... jenn.


Get well soon!


thank you. Husband just had my computer delivered AND even brought my nintendo switch. I am typing on it now. It is so awesome. It's nearly like being at home!!

What a relief from the hospital BS...

They were giving me stuff to make me sleep and relax. Don't need it now. This is all I need.


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