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Just introducing myself and asking about Ipad projects

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I have had intermediate Swift skills for years but never above that. As a hobbiest I target Ipad apps mainly for coaching.

I was self learning a few years back with UIKit and Spritekit and had 2 apps accepted on the app store! YA!

I had some GFX errors on my accepted app and also found another app named closely to mine so I cleaned it up with a new name but couldn't figure out how to simply update on the app store. As a newbie I just went ahead and resubmitted the new app thinking I would delete the old app on acceptance..

BOOM - I was in review "purgatory" for 3 months due to spamming or copyright error etc. 100% my fault but it was newbie error that cost me 3 months of checking my email daily for reversal. Disheartened, and as a hobby only, I slowly let my skills rust not progressing.

With covid I have had time to take a run at SwiftUI and I'm slowly getting there. I previuosly used the UIKit and Spritekit as I only want to develop for the Ipad. As 99% of SwiftUI tutorials are for the Iphone I also suffer more roadblocks along the way.

I also have played with GODOT and really thinking of porting some ideas over later. Yes, I confess, I chase the shiny things...

Anyways, I'm here to start from scratch but will have a few side projects going at the same time.


Good luck. Sounds like you have a solid background. You'll be pumping out apps in not time. Cool avatar.


Vince says:

Cool avatar.

I agree! That's a Tron reference?


An original Tron reference at that. It's a Recognizer.


Guess I'm showing my age, the Amiga started me...


Day 4. complete.


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