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Just curious about how you guys deal with the progression of the course?

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I've been learned for the last week or 2 and trying to diligently get through 1 course a day. I'm really liking Paul and I think that all the videos, test, etc are great. I really dont have any other programming experience and while I dont think I can quite remember all the syntax off the top of my head when reading I am starting to recognize whats going on. I'm sure in a way its similar to language learning or any skill where you just need repetition. I'm at day 9 and today and the last couple days started to get a bit challenging. I get the ideas but its starting to ramp up a lot. This might be personal preference but have more of you done one course a day for 100 days? Maybe gone over one day a couple days? Take breaks etc?

Or is it better to push on through and the topics just get repeated enough you start to understand?

Thanks and greetings from New York


I've started and stopped a couple times, but now that I've gotten fairly deep into it I've found that the early building blocks (structs, classes, etc.) sorta melt away as you start to actually see how they're used in a real app. You get the basic gist of how a SwiftUI app is built within the first couple projects and your brain starts to think about how to solve the problem without getting so caught up in memorizing "wait what does an array do again?". Similar to your example of learning a language, where you stop having to think about how to conjugate a verb and it just happens. You'll start to think "right, I need to offer a few options in a dropdown menu so I'll probably need an array of numbers and then a ForEach to offer each of them in that menu".

Cut yourself some slack - you're learning something completely foreign to you for the first time, so the early days of the course are going to be overwhelming. If you feel like something didn't stick the first time, there's no penalty or shame for doing a particular day again, and there's no penalty for taking a couple days off to let your brain decompress!

Hope that helps!


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