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Having trouble in latest version of Xcode.

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I am getting some new files of persistance and all, i dont know how to work with them, what to do to make it similar to the version in 100 days swiftUi challenge. Its not showing the scene and app delegate files and some huge pre-written code.I am a beginner pls help


In Xcode 12, you could choose which 'Life Cycle' to use with SwiftUI - the one you are familiar with , and SwiftUI App. It seems this choice is now taken away so only SwiftUI can be used.


@DantonCorbel then how do I cope up with the 100 days of swiftUI challenge ?


Ah, I see, I think I misinterpreted your question. Did you have 'use core data' checked when you were making your new project? If so, uncheck this, and it should be more like you were expecting. Don't worry about scene and app delegate files not being there, you don't need them. And as for the persistence files - these are only inserted into your project when 'use core data' is checked, and if you keep going with 100 days of SwiftUI, Paul will show you what these are about too :-)

Happy coding!


Paul has started to update 100DaysOfSwiftUI. There is a NEW beside the ones updated.


@DantonCorbel thank you. I was in the core data part so, can i work with it even if core data is unchecked?


@NigelGee thank you for the update. I was a little out of it for a few days but i did come back and it is being updated. I want your suggestion, Should I begin from project 1 or should i wait until Day 58(my current progress) onwards gets updated ?


Paul is introducing new concepts using the same projects you've completed.

I recommend you at least re-watch the videos up to the point where you are. You can update your existing project with the new concepts supporting iOS 15.


@arhamsc I have restarted as there are a few new pearls in there. A bit annoying, but I guess repetition is the way to learn...


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