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Flag Opacity animation - Day 34

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Hi! I'm struggling to make the other two buttons fade out to 25% opacity. I tried to keep the opacity for the correctAnswer at 1. Then adjust the opacity of all the flags to 0.75. I did this because it thought the correctAnswerOpacity = 1 might override the opacity(0.75). But unfortunately all it did was make the non correct answers invisible! Any chance someone know why this is happening? why/if my logic is flawed? and what should be done? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

         @State private var correctAnswerOpacity = 1.0
    @State private var otherFlagsOpacity = 1.0

    // Some other code

            ForEach(0 ..< 3) { number in
                Button(action: {

                    withAnimation() { self.flagTapped(number)
                        if number == correctAnswer {
                            animationAmount += 360
                            correctAnswerOpacity = 1                            
                { Image(self.countries[number]).renderingMode(.original).clipShape(Capsule()).overlay(Capsule().stroke(, lineWidth: 1)).shadow(color: .black, radius: 2)
                .rotation3DEffect(.degrees((number == correctAnswer) ? animationAmount : 0), axis: (x: 0, y: 1 , z: 0))
                .opacity((number == correctAnswer) ? opacityAmount : 0)


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