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Feeling a bit lost after Milestone 4-6 and project 7

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I'm feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed after working through the milstone after project 4-5-6, and project 7.

Up through project 6, I felt like I was pretty much understanding what Paul was teaching, and could figure out solutions in a reasonable timeframe. All of a sudden, I feel like he is doing things that I have no idea why.

Is this normal? Do I need to backup and redo some of the previous steps? Or is this a "push through and it will click in a few chapters" type of thing?

Thanks for any advice and experiences!



@brent is in familiar territory:

I'm feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed [...snip...]
Is this normal? Do I need to backup and redo some of the previous steps?

I answered a similar question back in January, so you're not alone.

See -> Is this normal?

It might be overwhelming because @twoStraws seldom makes a mistake in his tutorial videos. The logic just flows clearly out of his brain, through his pie hole, past his fingers, and into xCode. Yes, this seems to be an impossible goal for beginners.

You can do much of this. But instead of a YouTube audience, write your plan into a RTF document included with your code. Write down the steps and views you think you need for Project 7 and group your solution into the parts your most comfortable with.

Then evaluate your gaps. What's this ObservableObject thing? Can you list one good reason why your struct should implement the Identifiable protocol? Are you still coding ONE big ContentView, or are you now breaking your big views into several smaller (bite sized) views and (please!) providing descriptive names?

If you feel you've mastered concepts so far, write us a note here in the forums on the concepts that aren't so clear.

Keep Coding!


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