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SOLVED: error: missing return in global function expected to return 'String

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A string is returned directly from both parts of that condition, so it's allowed.

func greet(name: String) -> String {
    if name == "Taylor Swift" {
        "Oh wow!"
    } else {
        "Hello, \(name)"

If I use provided code in Xcode playground, it returns below error though the topic says "it is allowed"

error: missing return in global function expected to return 'String'

Why is that?


it returns below error though the topic says "it is allowed"
Why is that?


I created a new Playgrounds file and tested this code:

// global playground function
// takes in a string and returns a sting
func verifySpell(🧙🏻: String) -> String {
    if 🧙🏻 == "Hermione" {
    } else {
        "You're saying it wrong."

// No compiler complaints here...
verifySpell(🧙🏻: "Hermione") // 👈🏼 No errors here...
verifySpell(🧙🏻: "Luna")     // 👈🏼 .. or here!

This worked as advertised. It returns strings, and doesn't complain about not having a return statement.

Keep Coding

I don't know what to tell you.

Try the usual:
(1) Create a new playgrounds file.
(2) Update Xcode and simulators.
(3) Offer burnt toast 🥪 offering to Assemblix, the compiler god.


Thanks it seems my Xcode was stuck in version 14. Updated and problem solved.


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