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Dictionary default values test question # 4

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let capitals = ["England": "London", "Wales": "Cardiff"] let scotlandCapital = capitals["Scotland"]

How is this valid? I'm honestly confused. They are creating a new constant named scotlandCaptial and assigning it the value of "Scotland in the constant "capitals" EXCEPT, Scotland isn't lsted there, wouldn't it return an error?


Dictionaries return optional values. If we try to read an element with a key that does not exist, the value returned is nil

let scotlandCapital = capitals["Scotland"] // This will return nil


@Yuri gives the right answer!

EXCEPT, Scotland isn't lsted there, wouldn't it return an error?

In older languages, yes! Your application wouldn't compile, or perhaps would crash on a line like this. But as Yuri noted, Swift will attempt to find the key value in the dictionary for you. But if it doesn't find the key value, it will return nil allowing you to gracefully continue with logic appropriate to your application.

This is one of the strengths of the Optional type and why it's imporant to twist your mind around the concept!

Keep Coding!

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