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Day 91: Flashzilla challenge 2 & 3

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Hi! I'm stuck on the challenge 2 of Flashzilla. I tried the solutions from this thread (https://www.hackingwithswift.com/forums/100-days-of-swiftui/day-91-flashzilla-challenges-can-t-seem-to-readd-a-card-successfully/2037) but even though the cards get readded to the beginning of the array I can't see them appearing and the game doesn't finish (readded cards don't show so the screen is left empty with running timer). I will be grateful for any advice. Also I don't really understand what should I do in challenge 3- anyone could give me a hint?

result is either "correct" or "wrong". I pass it from the CardView to the removeCard function through the removal function. reuseQuestions is a Boolean that the user is setting wether to reuse cards or not.

    func removeCard(at index: Int, result: String) {
        guard index >= 0 else { return }

        if (reuseQuestions && result == "wrong") {
            let tempCard = cards.remove(at: index)
            DispatchQueue.main.asyncAfter(deadline: .now() + 0.6) {
              cards.insert(tempCard, at: 0)
        } else {
            cards.remove(at: index)
        if cards.isEmpty {
            self.isActive = false
ZStack {
    ForEach(cards, id: \.self) { card in
        CardView(card: card) { result in
            withAnimation(Animation.linear.delay(0.6)) {
                let index = self.cards.firstIndex(of: card)!
                self.removeCard(at: index, result: result)
         .stacked(at: self.cards.firstIndex(of: card)!, in: self.cards.count)
         .allowsHitTesting(self.cards.firstIndex(of: card)! == self.cards.count - 1)
         .accessibility(hidden: self.cards.firstIndex(of: card)! < self.cards.count - 1 )


I figure you solved this already but just in case it can be helpful to someone else, here is a hint for the third challenge:

In CardView, change the > in the .fill modifier by a >= like this:

.fill(offset.width >= 0 ? Color.green : Color.red)

That'll give you exactly the opposite problem, and hopefully a clue on how to fix it.

Hope that helps!


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