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Day 67: Instafilter image orientation

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After completing the Instafilter project I noticed some of the images were appearing upside-down. After a lot of searching I found one line that fixes it.

Replace this:

let uiImage = UIImage(cgImage: cgimg)

With this:

let uiImage = UIImage(cgImage: cgimg, scale: 1, orientation: inputImage?.imageOrientation ?? .up)

When the initial image is loaded as a UIImage it comes with an orientation property. A CIImage is created from the UIImage and then a CGImage is created from the CIImage. I'm not sure which step loses the image orientation property but it can be added back in when converting to a UIImage.

It might make more sense to keep this orientation throughout the process, especially if any of your steps might look different based on orientation. I think this would be the first step:

let beginImage = CIImage(image: inputImage, options: [CIImageOption.applyOrientationProperty:true])

Now I think I just need to set the orientation of the CG image.


Hi Ryan

See my code here where I've used a "common extension" to transform the UIImage.Orientation

extension CGImagePropertyOrientation {
    init(_ uiOrientation: UIImage.Orientation) {
        switch uiOrientation {
            case .up: self = .up
            case .upMirrored: self = .upMirrored
            case .down: self = .down
            case .downMirrored: self = .downMirrored
            case .left: self = .left
            case .leftMirrored: self = .leftMirrored
            case .right: self = .right
            case .rightMirrored: self = .rightMirrored
            @unknown default:
                fatalError("Unknown uiOrientation \(uiOrientation)")

and use it in the loadImage() function as follows:

        let beginImage : CIImage
        if let ciImage = inputImage.ciImage {
            beginImage = ciImage
        else {
            beginImage = CIImage(cgImage: inputImage.cgImage!).oriented(CGImagePropertyOrientation(inputImage.imageOrientation))

I hope this works for you too.

regards Philipp


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