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SOLVED: day 66 Instafilter, part 5. Error - SOLVED. Be attentive!

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Hi guys. Long time no see. Please help me with a situation

I'm going through Instafilter project. Watching Paul's video, listening, trying to understand, everything as usual. Writing my code after him.

I got to the place where we need to proceed the saving of the edited Image to Photos. It's 4:45 min of the video "Saving the filtered image..."

I run my simulator, repeat the same action as Paul's doing, pushing the button "Save" and then - CRASH. And I get this:


Can somebody please explain why do I get this one and my Simulator fails ?

p.s. I thought I might make a mistake, typo, whatever during coding after Paul. But I double checked and it looks like everything is the same as he did. + Xcode is not on fire. Not any single error or notification appears so the code compiles properly. Preview is also working, no problems.


End here we go. I got it by myself ....

Because of I've made another file for the actual app after doing preparation stuff in the first file I completely forgot about the thing as:

Privacy - Photo Library Usage Description in the Info section. That's an important thing, I know. But I was sure I did everything precisely as Paul did because I did this. But in the first file. With educational stuff. And didn't do in the second file with the actual App.

so folks, be attentive please! 🙃


Thanks for sharing your solution!

Please mark your own answer as "Solved"!



To be honest I think it's not even worth to keep the Topic alive as It was clearly my inattentiveness. Although if it could be handy for anyone in future it can stay here as "Solved"


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