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Day 6 closures part 1

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completed day 6 part 1 of clousers.


Glad you are doing the course and getting along nicely and if you have a problem please feel that you can post the query here on the forum, Do you have twitter acount (or social media site) if you post on that when completed with #100daysofSwiftUI.

see Rules of 100 days of SwiftUI

  1. Every day you spend one hour reading or watching SwiftUI tutorials, or writing SwiftUI code.
  2. Every day you post about your progress to the social media site of your choosing. Tell people!

I just that everytime you post your progress think you are asking a question, so when you come to actually ask you may get missed because people may think you are just posting an progress update.

I will follow you and your progress on twitter if you give me your twitter name. Mine is @NigelGee


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