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SOLVED: Day 56: Bookworm Wrapup: Challenge #3

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To wrapup the Bookworm project @twostraws challenges us to add a new date attribute to the Book entity. Then he says to format that nicely somewhere in DetailView.

Adding a reviewDate to the CoreData model was as simple as adding a new entity, and rebuilding. Then when you create a new book, just assign to the reviewDate var.

To add business logic to the CoreDate Book class, I created an extension. There I added a few business rules as computed properties. I also created a convenience view to show the review date for Challenge #3.

What I toyed with (examples below) are iOS 15 features for formatting date objects. (Check out Logan's 5 min vid: iOS 15 Date Formatter )

For example:

  • reviewDate.formatted(.dateTime.year().day(.twoDigits).month(.abbreviated)) -> Nov 27, 2021 or Jan 03, 2022
  • reviewDate.formatted(.dateTime.month(.abbreviated).year())) -> Nov 2021
  • reviewDate.formatted(.dateTime.year(.twoDigits).month(.twoDigits)) ) -> 11/21

It's more Swift like to use .abbreviated or .twoDigits rather than the C-like "MMmmmHH-YY" rules.

// Books_Extension.swift
// This extension adds logic to the CoreData class. It's in an extension because CoreData will
// overwrite the Class definition, if you modify the CoreData model.
//  Created by Obelix on 11/25/21.

import SwiftUI

extension Book {
    // isWorstRating is a business rule. This logic should NOT be in the view!
    func isWorstRating() -> Bool {
        if self.rating == 1 { return true }
        return false
    // Turn the review date into a string for display.
    var displayDate : String {
        return (reviewDate ?? // Core data may not have a value for this
                        .year()                // New formatter! 2 or 4 year
                        .day(.twoDigits)       // day has options! 07 or 7
                        .month(.abbreviated))  // month has more options
        // format descriptors are more Swifty. Less C-like.

// Create a convenience view to use on other forms and views.
struct ReviewDateView: View  {
    let reviewDate: String
    var body: some View {
        HStack {
            Label ("\(reviewDate)", systemImage: "text.badge.checkmark")
                .padding([.trailing, .leading])
                .clipShape(RoundedRectangle(cornerRadius: 5))

Bookworm: Challenge #3


Hi @Obelix

You might want to consider putting this in the DetailView

if let date = {
    Label(date.formatted(date: .abbreviated, time: .omitted), systemImage: "calendar.badge.clock")
        .clipShape(RoundedRectangle(cornerRadius: 5))


This has the advantage that will always show in correct format for a user's settings


Thanks for the hint! I suppose I should honor a user's preferred settings, if I must. <insert winky emoji here>

Actually for my own projects I prefer the 15 NOV 2021 format. I like to see dates WITHOUT commas in them. I was trying for this format, but found out that the new Swifty formatters do not honor the order in which they are placed.

     .year()                // New formatter! 2 or 4 year
     .day(.twoDigits)       // day has options! 07 or 7

produces the same output as


For me that's Nov 28, 2021

I don't like commas in my dates! Maybe this is already formatted for my 'locale' ?

Still need more hours in the driver's seat to figure these out.


HINT: The simulator is set by default to US. You can change it to your region by selecting Product then hold the option key until you see … after Run then click on it then change the App Region to your region.


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