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Day 4 completed. No questions

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Day 4 completed!!

Oh boy. Day 4 was completed from the hospital.. I don't have a portable Mac so I am studying from an old Gpad.

I'm going to be here two freaking weeks studying from the hospital. I thought I was having heart surgery this morning but it was postponed until next tuesday to keep me on IV meds for a week prior. So I'm just kind stuck in limbo.. Thank god for these classes to keep me occupied mentally... So I will keep moving ahead.

I will be a new woman in two weeks.. I will have a new aortic 'cow' valve, a fixed left atrium, and three blockages fixed that are nearly completely closed. The only thing scaring me is that darn heart lung machine with my own heart stopped for multiple hours. I told the sleep doc to just make sure I wake up.

The day of surgery it might be difficult to study. Won't know until that day arrives. By the time I get home, I will be finished with the first 16 days or close to it..

I should change my handle to bovine woman since I'm going to be part cow.

Jenn C

Ps. I'm not waiting until tomorrow. Fixing to start on functions. I've slept all day. The nurses brought me a little spiral notebook so I can take notes and transcribe them later in xcode at home if I need to. I'm a big note taker. If I write it, I remember it...


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