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Day 35 - Times Table app crash help

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I've been stuck on this for days, and despite trying to read the code of other solutions, I can't figure out why my app crashes/hangs the simulator when I click the 'start game' button.

I'm starting to fear I have a big gap in my understanding as to what is going on with passing data between views. Sorry if this is something obvious, I hate asking for help as I feel like I should be able to figure it out by myself, but yeah, totally stuck without any obvious error messages from XCode or the simulator crash.

//  ContentView.swift
//  LearnTimesTables
//  Created by on 15/5/2023.

import SwiftUI

struct ContentView: View {

    struct Question {
        var question: String
        var answer: String

    @State private var questionList: [Question] = []
    @State private var settingsCompleted = false

    @State private var selectedNumberOfQuestions = 5
    @State private var selectedTimesTable = 5
    @State private var userScore = 0

    var body: some View {
        if settingsCompleted {
            GameView(selectedNumberOfQuestions: selectedNumberOfQuestions, selectedTimesTable: selectedTimesTable)
        } else {
            SettingsView(startGame: startGame)

    func startGame(selectedNumberOfQuestions: Int, selectedTimesTable: Int ) {
        self.selectedNumberOfQuestions = selectedNumberOfQuestions
        self.selectedTimesTable = selectedTimesTable
        settingsCompleted = true

struct GameView: View {
    let selectedNumberOfQuestions: Int
    let selectedTimesTable: Int

        var body: some View {
            Text("Game playing \(selectedNumberOfQuestions) questions")

struct SettingsView: View {
    @State private var selectedNumberOfQuestions = 10
    @State private var selectedTimesTable = 10

    let startGame: (Int, Int) -> Void
    init(startGame: @escaping (Int, Int) -> Void) {
        self.startGame = startGame

        var body: some View {
            VStack {

                Text("Choose your times table!")
                Picker(selection: $selectedTimesTable, label: Text("Times table")) {
                    ForEach(2...20, id: \.self) { number in
                        Text("\(number) times table")

                Text("Choose how many questions you want!")
                Picker(selection: $selectedNumberOfQuestions, label: Text("Number of Questions")) {
                    Text("5 Questions").tag(5)
                    Text("10 Questions").tag(10)
                    Text("20 Questions").tag(20)

                Button("Start Game") {
                    startGame(selectedNumberOfQuestions, selectedTimesTable)

                // For testing purposes
                Text("Selected Times Table: \(selectedTimesTable)")
                Text("Questions Quantity: \(selectedNumberOfQuestions)")


struct ContentView_Previews: PreviewProvider {
    static var previews: some View {
//        GameView(selectedNumberOfQuestions: 5)
//        SettingsView(startGame: )



In the GameView Body your missing a point on padding


Thank you so much Hector!!! You are a life saver :-)

PS I think its strange XCode doesnt flag the incorrect .padding() syntax.


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