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Day 3 completed. No questions

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I got up early and did day 3, which was nice and easy.

I plan on doing day 4 today since day 3 went so well. I will not be able to do day 4 tomorrow and want to stay on track.

I'm fixing to take me a morning nap and then hit the loops..

So far I am really enjoying this. This is better than anything I have seen. I'm so glad I bought this little mac. I have a little 2012 mac mini. Can't afford a "bigmac"..lol

When I bought it last year, the harddrive had some older operating system on it that was not conducive to learning Swift and xcode. Had to have catalina. I sent it back and told the person, which was a store in Ca, that I needed a HD that was compatible with the current version of Catalina so that I could learn coding with xcode on my macmini. This was the entire point of buying it. So I shipped it back and they installed a new harddrive with catalina for me.

I was very leary about updating the OS prior to this class because it was such a nightmare before getting the new harddrive. So the other day I used the TimeMachine to be safe before I updated. It updated perfectly with so glitches (thank goodness) and then also updated XCode to the latest and greatest. I am so set now.

I tried Udemy classes at first and got no where really fast. I bought a crapload of classes on Switch, Flutter, etc.. I just happened upon Hacking With Swift while searching for reviews of Code with Chris and his three hour complete class the other day. I am so freaking glad. This is where I will stay to learn. It feels like a complete class.

I read ahead on some of the forums and I'll be glad to understand it all one day.

Very happy with all of it. One day I will write an app!

Jenn C

ps.. I'm not knocking Code With Chris. He is great, but I need more than what he offers to reach my goals.

Last thing: This is my first mac. I don't even know anyone who has a mac. In my world, that is a luxury. I quit using Windows years ago but kept a windows computer around only for Microsoft word. Until this mac mini, I used Linux on my personal computer. I have experimented on a ton of different kinds of OS's in the linux realm. Hard to go backwards to windows. It's like a downgrade. Now with this little macmini, I am totally in love with my computer again. I have a little windows computer with MS 10 upstairs. My hub has his laptop in the basement, and I have my mac mini. I have a 43" television on my desk to use for studying. It is large enough that I can view the lessons AND have a nice size window for xcode. I consider it a perfect setup for learning.


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