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Day 25: Challange - A simple problem?

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Hi everyone!

I will probably look like a fool now. But I can't find a simple solution.

Here is my code:

struct ContentView: View {

  @State private var figures = ["🪨", "✂️", "📄"] //
  @State private var figuresWin = ["✂️", "📄", "🪨"]
  @State private var figuresLose = ["📄", "🪨", "✂️"] // 
  @State private var random = Int.random(in: 0...2)

 @State private var winOrLose = Bool()

    var winOrNot: Bool {
        if winOrLose == true {
            print("Win", font(.subheadline.bold()), foregroundColor(.yellow))
        } else {
            print("Lose", font(.subheadline.bold()), foregroundColor(.red))
        return winOrLose

    var winGame: String {
            .foregroundColor(.yellow) // Cannot convert return expression of type 'Text' to return type 'String'

    var loseGame {  

    var currentPick: String {

    var body: some View {
        VStack {
            Text("Hello, world!")
            HStack {
                Text(winOrLose) // FIRST WAY - Not work ( No exact matches in call to initializer ) 

                Text("\(winOrLose ? winGame : loseGame)") // SECOND WAY - Not work 

                Text("\(winOrLose ? "Win" : "Lose")") // THIRD WAY - It works 

My question is:

  1. How can I make the second and third way work? I would like to create text that would change color depending on what it displays. In my case, I want the "win" to be yellow and the "lose" to be red


First you need to remember that Text is a View, and not a sequence of characters (which is a String). Text uses a String and Text modifiers to create the View displayed.

This is why your first and second cases do not work. In the first case you have parameter which is a Bool, and in the second case your parameters are Text.

Try this above your ContentView

extension Text {          // defining a new text style as an extension to Text

    func winOrLoseStyle (_ status: Bool) -> some View {
        self.foregroundColor(status == true ? Color.red : Color.yellow)

then modify your third way to be

Text("\(winOrLose ? "Win" : "Lose")") // THIRD WAY - It works


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