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Day 22 Completed

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woohoo! I think I'm starting to get the hang of this. I'm itching to spend time on my app idea, but I'll hold off until I feel really confident.


Great job! Keep up the hard work!

Reasons to start writing your app now:

  1. It will help motivate you and give you some instant gratification to see it start taking shape.
  2. As it is taking shape, you will come up with new ideas and options that might not have occurred to you.
  3. It will help you practice the skills you are learning and get better at them.
  4. As you practice those skills, you'll remember them better and they'll be reinforced better.
  5. You'll come across situations and new questions that you wouldn't have come arcoss otherwise which will give you a deeper understanding as you find answers to those questions.
  6. You'll be motivated to push yourself beyond what you're learning and add additional tools to your belt as you look for ways to implement your ideas that haven't been covered yet in the course.
  7. You already have enough skills to get started, not necessarily to finish, but you can continue to improve you app(s) as you go along.
  8. It will give you the chance to play around with things in a way you might not have otherwise, because with a limited tool set you have to get creative to get things working.
  9. Even if you start creating it and ditch everything you did at some point, you'll have increased your knowledge, your skills, and hopefully your enjoyment of creating apps.
  10. It will build your confidence as you see your idea taking shape and if you get stuck you can always hit the pause button, ask questions, or do research.


Really good advice, thanks @vtabmow


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