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Day 2 complete. No question

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Day 2 complete.. omg, this took me all day..
My brain. .. lol

When I hit the Dictionary portion, I had to move slow. I had to stop and make myself a chart (cheetsheet) to refer to. This was a big day!!! I also type EVERYTHING in xcode and think about it. It takes me much longer than one minute. I want to understand. I also look up things on Stack Overflow.. One thing in particular I was reading about was the print function for a dictionary. Not really covered here except for print(heights)

Well, I discovered print(heights as AnyObject) and dump(heights). So I had to play with that for a little bit.

Also played with Tuples and got this working. This was just trial and error on my part. print(name.0, name.1) and print(name.first, name.last)

I am going to try to finish 1.5 days tomorrow, if not 2. Because I'm going to be in the hospital Tuesday and don't want to miss a day's worth. I hope to be home Wed to do the other 1.5.. Then I'll be right on track again.

My goal right now is getting to Day 16 with understanding. That's when the online books kicks in and corresponds with the 100 Days of SwiftUI.

Jenn C

p.s. I am posting this here instead of facebook. I have 24 friends and most are family members. Being 62, I don't want to hear them say one word to me about doing this. I have tried other methods before and it's like.. "yep grandma is off on another tangent"... They think I'm nuts at my age for trying to do this. They don't say it directly but this is still my private venture. My husband is behind me 100 percent and that's all I need.


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