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Day 19. Unit conversion. Units display.

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I have a question about measurements. I have these values

var inputMeasurement: Measurement<UnitLength> {
    Measurement(value: Double(value) ?? 0, unit: units[inputUnitIndex])

var outputMeasurement: Measurement<UnitLength> {
    inputMeasurement.converted(to: units[outputUnitIndex])

var input: String {

var result: String {

I'm curious why when I'm trying to display the result with

Text("\(inputMeasurement) equals \(outputMeasurement)")

I'm getting

<NSMeasurement: 0x...> value: 0.000000 unit: m, equals <NSMeasurement: 0x...> value: 0.000000 unit: km

but with

Text("\(input) equals \(result)")

I'm getting

0.0 m equals 0.0 km

Is there a way to display measurement as a string without creating new variable?


I am not sure why it displays that, could be because it's a computed property... maybe?

In any case, you should be able to use inputMeasurement.value to display the number and not need another property.

Also, if you would like more insights, there was a discussion over here:



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