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Day 17 - xcode issues - defaulting to iOS 16 on simulator

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Hi - I'm on day 17 but struggling with getting X code to work as it should.

I am using the same code Paul is using in the tutorial to build the weSplit app but specifically the keypad doesn't show on the phone simulator. I get an error message (not in the code area but at bottom right corner) which I would paste here if I knew how - it begins, 'Can't find keyplane that supports type 8 for keyboard...' I am wondering whether it is to do with the ios version selected because although I have changed it in the Targets - 'minimum deployments,' to ios 15 it keeps defaulting to ios 16 when i open a different phone simulator. It also doesn't give any option to change it (no drop down box). I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do. Has anyone else had the same issue? in the tutorial, Paul actually tells us to change it from ios 14 to 15 but mine was set to ios 16 as default, not 14 so have the opposite situation.



This is a completly normal behaviour. When you install Xcode 14 you only have iOS 16 simulators available. Selecting a lower deployment target means that Xcode (better the compiler) watches that you don't use any API commands which are not available in iOS 15. The error what you are seeing you can do nothing about it. It's a Xcode issue (for several years now).

If you want to install a simulator with a lower iOS version you have to install them manually. But this shouldn't be necessary.


Thank you @Hatsuhira - for your response. I don't mind which ios is used as long as it doesn't affect performance. I am most concerned as to what is causing the error - any ideas?


The error comes from Xcode itself. It has nothing to do with your code. You can ignore it.


thank you @Hatsushira for clarifying. Does seem a problem though if you can't see the code working on a simulator, you're not going to be be able to check it is working as you are go along. I know the code is correct because I can see it working in the tutorial but if I were writing my own code from scratch this would make it impossible.


Yes. I don't know how many hours I wasted to "fix a bug" which came only from Xcode or the Simulator. Sometimes it's frustrating. You can reduce (but not completely avoid) it when you don't use Beta versions of the software, though. The log message from the keyboard is in Xcode since I started developing in 2015.


Thanks @Hatsushira - Glad the keyboard thing is is not just me. I will avoid beta versions anyway, do not need any extra problems. I will plough on. Good at least to know what might be in store...


I recently completed the 100 days of SwiftUI course and I always just left my projects Target on 16 even though Paul said to make sure that you set it to 15 instead. You shouldn't run into any major problems doing this.

The biggest issue that I found is when you start to deal with threading. You might get some additional purple warnings in Xcode on those projects that don't show up for Paul. But the programs should still run just fine anyway.

The only times I had problems with the keyboard not showing in the simulator I just had to go to the top menu when the simulator is open and go to I/O >> Keyboard >> Toggle Software Keyboard. Or press "Command K" on your keyboard and then it would show up.


Thanks @fly0strich - re the keyboard advice - that worked! Also thanks for the forewarning of the other issues. I suppose it is all a learning curve.


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