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Day 15 - Class Deinitializer Random Output

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Hey All,

I'm working through typing hand-by-hand the Day 15 Swift in 1 hour consolidation and I noticed an abnormality in the console when running through class deinitializers.

class NewUser {
    let id: Int

    init(id: Int) { = id
        print("User \(id): I'm alive!")
    deinit {
        print("User \(id): I'm dead!")

for i in 1 ... 3 {
    let user = NewUser(id: i)
    print("User \(id): I'm in control!")

for some reason, when this runs the consol spits out a a random user ID for each loop. the id changes each time. anyone have any idea why that's getting returned?

User 1: I'm alive!
User 247: I'm in control!
User 1: I'm dead!
User 2: I'm alive!
User 247: I'm in control!
User 2: I'm dead!
User 3: I'm alive!
User 247: I'm in control!
User 3: I'm dead!


print("User \(id): I'm in control!")

id doesn't belong to any instance of NewUser, so it doesn't correspond to the id property of user.

You need to do this instead to get the result you are expecting:

print("User \( I'm in control!")


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