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Day 1 Completed

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I finished Day 1.

I also spent some trying to figure out JSON, JSONDecoder, and Bundle.main.url from Day 40 and made some progress. I'll probably continue picking away a little bit at days 38-40 while I continue working back through the prior days.


That's great !

I also re-watching and re-working on lots of things every day, and I don't stick to the number of days strictly neither.

As far as I'm coding a bit and learning a bit daily, I'm happy with myself.

I may take 300 days to finish this 100-day project. But I don't see it as a failure.

Keep going !




Yeah. I think that's a great perspective to have and I'm trying to adjust my views similarly.


I'm working on 100 of swift UI and not necessarily following the days meaning doing a few day at a time, i find myself learning better this way i spend time working with playgrounds and practice what i have learned. would anyone have any other tips to help reinfore the learning?


@dragon Welcome to the Forums.

I wrote a forum post with a recommendation to use Playgrounds to keep notes.

Using Playground for Notes


Paul's Unwrap app is a great tool if you havent already gotten it


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