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SOLVED: CreateML Processing Hang

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Hey All,

Working through day 26 of SwiftUI and when I get to the step to train CreateML, I set stuck in a processing hang. Hudson's example had the training done in just a few seconds, but I'm looking at upwards of 30 minutes with no results. I've stopped and restarted training, deleted and redownloaded the .csv, and validated that my settings match his from the video. System is a M2 MBA on 13.4.

Any tips or tricks on how to get Create ML to finish would be greate.

Thanks, Andy


Nevermind. I fixed the issue by closing Create ML, reopening the app, and creating a new project. Ran it again and it finished in seconds.


I had this same problem. I went through and recreated the project and realized I had chosen Tabular Classifier in CreateML instead of Tabular Regressor. Make sure you use the Tabular Regressor template when creating your project.


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