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Hi guys,

I finished the course. What do you think what to do now?

I bought some times ago the pro swift books bundle. I saw that the majority of code is written using UIKit.

If you red them, what arguments are important for SwiftUI integration?

I have another question too: if I were so lucky that I get a job in my country, is AI able to replace this job in the near future (7yrs or so?). Because I come from an accounting background and I decided the past year to enter the iOS development field. I would be very sad if in the near future I'll be obliged to change carrier field again.

I'm so worried...

Thanks for reading


@Andrea is worried about artificial intelligence taking over entry coding positions.

Will AI replace this job in the near future (7yrs or so?)

First, the skills you have from accounting and SwiftUI fall squarely into the "Business Puzzle Solving" arena.

These are skills where businesses always need talent. You should keep developing these skills. Always.

Next, what's special about seven years from now? I'd think there will be tremendous advances in chip, battery, communication, and sensor technologies. What you learn today about accelerometers, temperature, and gestures may be exquisitely different in seven years. You'll also find new sensors to marvel over: blood chemistry, weather sensors, emotion sensors, pupil scanners, mental states. You'll always need to stay up-to-date.

And while ChatGPT continues to astound users with essays, excel macros, and other insights, it still may lack some human essence to be creative. (Although AI generated art is pretty amazing!)

@twoStraws tackled this very question however. Have you watched his video? Please have a look then come back here and share your impressions. What do you think of his evaluation?

See -> @twoStraws challenges ChatGPT


Thank you for the response @Obelix,

yeah, I think that in the near future we'll use our ability as humans and the computers will be able to assist us like today, but with more knowledge and power.

I'll continue with my coding journey.


In partial answer to your first question about the Pro Swift book: The book you read was written before SwiftUI existed, so nothing in it is directly relevant to SwiftUI integration. Nevertheless, almost all of what you learned should remain useful. Most of the examples using UIKit are relevant to Swift generally.

If you are considering whether to buy the new Pro SwiftUI book, there is no overlap in subjects covered by the two books. The Pro SwiftUI book is focussed entirely on SwiftUI views, not general Swift topics.


Regarding career planning, most people's career paths change in unexpected directions over the years. One of the most important strategies for advancing your career is to find a job in which both your managers and your peers help each other grow their skills and responsibilities. Remain receptive to opportunities to move to a completely different speciality than the one you spent years perfecting.



I would like to add that one way that I've tried to stay sharp is to contribute to these forums. I encourage you to pitch in and answer other's questions! This will help in a few ways.

First, and foremost, if you are trying to solve other coder's SwiftUI problems, you'll have to ensure you have a solid understanding of the material. Then you have to think of simple, clever examples to share your knowledge. This is a clear path to gain a better understanding of the concepts which will help you solidify your understanding.

Second, this is a site dedicated to helping folks all over the world build their skills. This site thrives on contributions from all sorts. Please contribute.

Third, it's great fun!

For some other ideas
See -> Helping Others

Keep Coding!


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