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Checkpoint 9

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func rando(_ arrays: [Int]?) -> Int { arrays?.randomElement() ?? Int.random(in: 1...100)}

print(rando([17, 32, 55, 99]))

At first glance of the checkpoint I felt like I forgot everything but then I broke down challenge. Much easier than I thought originally, onto the review day!


Please Read

Please read this thread and the response from @twoStraws. See-> How to Post Progress

In short, please keep posting your progress. However, instead of a new post for each day, you can edit this post!

Instead of the title "Checkpoint 9", consider changing your post title to: jmac's Progress: Day 9 Complete! Next week it will read: jmac's Progress: Day 16 Complete! Keep changing the title as you progress.

Add to the post! After each milestone and challenge, post a snip of your progress, your quiz scores, and the concepts you found fun, or difficult. There are other articles, blog posts, or YouTube videos we can point you to, to help you solidify a concept, or to push your boundaries.

Keep coding!


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