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Checkpoint 7: STUCK!

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I know I'm doing something horribly wrong! Just can't seem to put a finger on it. Need help!

My code for checkpoint 7:

class Animals {
    var legs: Int

    init(legs: Int) {
    self.legs = legs

class Dog : Animals {

    func dogSpeak() {

class Corgi : Dog {
    override func dogSpeak() {

class Poodle : Dog {
    override func dogSpeak() {

class Cat : Animals {
    var isTame: Bool
    init(isTame: Bool, legs:Int) {
    super.init(legs: legs)

    func catSpeak() {

class Persian : Cat {
    override func catSpeak() {

class Lion : Cat {
   override func catSpeak() {


If you paste your code into Playgrounds and build it, what error code do you get?

One of the skills you start to develop is how to read and interpret the compiler's complaints! Get used to it!

When I pasted your code into Playgrounds, the compiler complained about the Cat class:

Property 'self.isTame' not initialized at super.init call

Looking at your cat class, you'll note that all Cats should have a leg count, and also be identified as being tame or not.

You created an initializer for the Cat class. What exactly are the inital values for each property in a Cat object?

Create a blank cat object on paper. Then work through the steps to initialize a NEW cat object. After you initialized it, WHAT ARE THE VALUES?

Please return here and let us know what you found out!


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