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Challenge 1: Converter - question about MeasurementFormatter

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In the solution for Challenge 1 there is a bit about using the MeasurementFormatter like this:

let formatter: MeasurementFormatter

init() {
  formatter = MeasurementFormatter()
  formatter.unitOptions = .providedUnit
  formatter.unitStyle = .long

Why did we need to declare the formatter in this way and call it in the initiailizer?

Could we not have just done this inside the ContentView struct and not used an initializer at all?

Like this:

let formatter = MeasurementFormatter()
formatter.unitOptions = .providedUnit
formatter.unitStyle = .long


You cannot have code like that in the body of a type. It has to be enclosed in a method or a computed variable. Go ahead, try it out.


That makes sense, thank you!


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