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SOLVED: Bookworm challenge - Date() not working

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Hi all, I'm a bit stuck on the Date challenge of the Bookworm project. So far, the dates don't display. I also tried finding the sqlite db file that was created in order to open with DB Browser for SQLite to see if the date is being stored correctly, but I can't find the actual DB file either.

All other details are displaying correctly. Has anyone solved this part?

I added to my Entity Attribute: date Type: Date

//relevant save section. 
Section {
                    Button("Save") {
                        // add the book
                        let newBook = Book(context: self.moc)
                        newBook.title = self.title
                        newBook.author = self.author
                        newBook.rating = Int16(self.rating)
                        newBook.genre = self.genre
                        newBook.review = self.review
                        newBook.date = Date()

                        try? self.moc.save()

// in Detail View
let dateFormatter = DateFormatter()

//much further down...

Text(dateFormatter.string(from: self.displayedBook.date ?? Date()))


thanks for any tips, Bill



because you are calling the class DateFormatter, the default style and date format descriptors basically default in such a way that the return result is an empty string.

instead, give yourself a function (e.g., at the top of your DetailView) with a dateFormatter object and set its descriptors like this:

func dateRepresentation(for date: Date?) -> String {
    guard let date = date else { return "Date Unavailable" }
    let dateFormatter = DateFormatter()
    dateFormatter.dateStyle = .long // <-- this is what's missing
    return dateFormatter.string(from: date)

then display it in your View with

Text(dateRepresentation(for: self.displayedBook.date))

hope that helps,



Thank you @delawaremathguy ! That fixed it.


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