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Been doing it wrong. How did I miss lessons along the way?

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Hey, sorry for posting every post so far in the wrong forum. I just scrolled down further and saw that there's a forum for each 100 days program. Whoops. My apologies.

Everyone has been so nice. Nobody told me to stop. Ha

Anyway, that's not why I'm posting. I'm posting today because I seem to have hit a major issue in how I've been following along with the 100DaysOfSwiftUI course.

Today, after the review video, which I had to pause and rewind several times until I was sure I understood it, I finally discovered the review section where all the quizzes are kept. (I had no idea it was keeping track of my scores! Awesome)

The problem is that it was missing the scores for a handful of quizzes I'm sure I completed.

But, then as I went along I began finding quizzes for lessons I haven't seen!

Things like variadic functions and inout parameters are completely new to me today. And, it seems like I missed a few lessons on syntax awhile back too that would have helped.

Here's how I'm doing it: I begin each day at the main 100DaysOfSwiftUI page, opening the day's lessons in a tab. Then, I've simply been opening a tab for each video/page listed, completing it and closing the tab.

It just occurred to me that maybe I shoulld be following the "next" links at the bottom of each page instead?

If not, anyone have any idea how I'm missing lessons?



I think that you will get the same results either by clicking the next button, or moving to the next lesson from the table of contents.

I'm not sure, but I think some of the material that was previously covered in the 100 days course has been removed from it. I first tried to complete the course around 2 years ago, but fell away from it for a while, and have been working through the course again recently. (I am currently starting on the final project in the course.) But some of the things that I remembered learning about just weren't there this time.

Some of the stuff that was removed was probably because it was depricated and there are new ways of doing things now. But some of it may have been removed just because Paul decided that there were more important things to cover in the course, or they may have just been things that added confusion more than they helped for beginners. I'm not sure.

But the pages about those topics still exist on the website, they just aren't linked to when running through the 100 days course anymore. Maybe the test results page wasn't updated to remove the things that have been removed from the course though. I'm not sure.

I don't think you're doing anything wrong though. I think there is just a lot of material that could be covered, and trying to condense it to 100 days means that some of it has to be left out.


@Fly0strich Thanks! I may have done extra work then, trying to get them alll completed. LOL. Oh well, I learned stuff. I think. ;D


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