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Anybody afraid to start from scratch?

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Hi all, not sure if the "blank page fear syndrome" is only applied to me or everyone. Even if I have successfully finished the first 2 Milestone Projects 100%, I still feel a bit timid to start Milestone 3. Part of it is I actually want to make a Habit Tracking App once I finish all the HWS course.

Any tips on resolving this ?


I felt the same way during my first attempt at learning how to code with no prior experience. Jumping ahead just made me get fustrated that I didn't have the skill or knowledge to make what I wanted and it was super discouraging.

I started back up again last fall but decided not to chase the dream idea or anything like that and instead focused on developing skills and overall programming knowledge (data structures, algorithms, regex, etc). I also figured I would be doing a disservice to this big idea if I didn't build it properly.

What has helped me was coming up with projects that I'm passionate about that focused on one or two core concepts. Not only will you get better but you'll also build a bigger portfolio.

I hope this helps!



I'd throw in to try to view it from a different perspective:

Once you got a certain level of knowledge in terms of how SwiftUI works to create Views and Navigation, start sketching out your App using exactly the knowledge you got until then. You should still follow through the 100 days and maybe even consider subscribing to HWS+ to gain much deeper insights and techniques.

But... What I learned is that as soon as you tackle both tracks ( 100 days and your own app ), your app can only win because you'll find great use cases from the 100 days to build into your own App. You shouldn't necesarrily do so immediately as you'll probably learn how to make things work better down the road, but once you got a concept of your app ready, you can take inspiration from many of the techniques from the 100 days. That way you can benefit from the "annoying" concept of learning (though it's much fun the way Paul teaches).

Good luck!


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