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SOLVED: Question about day 5

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Hello guys,

I had a small question about day 5 question:

Accepting parameters Question 1/12: This code is valid Swift – true or false?

func count(to: Int) { for i in 1...to { print("I'm counting: (i)") } }

I clicked wrong but it was valid code. I am confused, ok I know its missing callback func but it fine* but also in the code it says 1...to and I tried to run it in playground. (Didnt run)

Am I missing anything? Just checking for clarification.



There is a small error, but I'm not sure if it is on the actual question or just the way that you wrote it here. The error is that it is missing a \ in the print line. I have fixed it below. With that change, you can run a program like this.

func count(to: Int) {
    for i in 1...to {
        print("I'm counting: \(i)")

count(to: 5)

(You could still run the program without making the change, but it would just print "(i)" on every line instead of the actual value.)

The function definition itself is still valid swift code, even if it never gets called. But running the program won't do anything unless you actually make a call to the function.


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