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Project 5 Find Bug Challenge

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I am not able to produce the bug mentioned in the challenge!


Hi Tatzati!

Have you tried doing it like this?:

Choose a word from the one in the title (an anagram). For example, if the word were sandbards, type 'Sand'. Then try adding 'sand' (the first one being uppercased is the important thing). Your app should have accepted both, while it shouln't work like this, as it is exactly the same word. Let me know if u managed to trigger the bug, and if u managed to solve it! Also, let me know if i'm not explaining myself very well as my english is not very good.

Hope it helps!


Change the answer to lowercase using .lowercase even if the person enters in capital letters before checking if the answer is being answered before


So the thing here is that solution to the bug was already provided by Paul on the submit function:

let lowerAnswer = answer.lowercased()

But in the wrap up section he hints that the error should be on:

usedWords.insert(answer, at: 0)

And this is what got me confused.


@tatzati Well, let lowerAnswer = answer.lowercased() creates a constant where answer is always lowercased...

But we have to remember to use lowerAnswer while inserting the new submission (answer) into the usedWords array.

Just did this today! ;)


@ageDiMasi, oh i see now. I had added the lowercassed version to the insert method so that is why i couldn't reproduce the bug :)



Solution for the problem:

userWords.insert(answer.lowercased(), at: 0)



Just to add another view, I think also the code below can work fine, leaving freedom to the user to use whichever case they want to use, while maintaining the logic of the game intact.

func isOriginal(word: String) -> Bool {

    let lowercaseArray = usedWords.map{$0.lowercased()}
    return !lowercaseArray.contains(word)


I am not sure if it is efficient or not, so I am also looking for another opinion, but it works :D


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