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SOLVED: Project 4 - WKWebView and safe area issue on new Xcode and iOS

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I'm struggling to solve the issue where WKWebView lies under the safe area so it is also covered with the title and the button.

In the original tutorial everything works fine, but in newer Xcode version something changed and I can't quite understand where to dig.


Anyone knows how to fix it?



Hi @Beavean,

If you haven't embedded it in navigation controller yet, please do so. After, doing so, while your navigation contoller is chosen in storyboard, check bar visibility is ticked in Attributes Inspector -> Under Navigation Controller - Bar Visibility.

Hope this is what you wanted to have :) Otherwise the issue is mainly with apple.com, and if you scroll up it looks ok. But otherwise it's not so crucial in that project :)



Thanks for your advice.

Unfortunately, Bar Visibility checks are not affecting the issue.

Other websites are also covered as well as apple.com. https://imgur.com/R8Pqu92

I found a way to lower the browser area below the safe area by adding this: navigationController?.navigationBar.isTranslucent = false

This seems not to be right, so I still hope to find the solution. https://imgur.com/vvuQfWx


Ok, guess now I recall how I fixed that. In Document Outline pane, choose Navigation Controller Scene ->Navigation Controller->Navigation Bar. While the latter is chosen, in Attributes Inspector under Navigation Bar section click on Scroll Edges. But in this case I think isTranslucent should be true...

Added: Or basically in viewDidLoad() add this: navigationController?.navigationBar.scrollEdgeAppearance = UINavigationBarAppearance()


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