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Project 33 - What's that Whistle / CloudKit error

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in the section: Reading from iCloud with CloudKit: CKQueryOperation and NSPredicate

Being that the CloudKit site was completely revamped and the Schema metadata has been changed as well the "creationDate" has been decpreciated. However, now there's a property called "createdTimestamp" and when I'm tried to make this both Sortable and Queryable it still returns and error. As a work around created a newe property in Records Field called "date" and on the sort instance on the view controller I changed it to "date" and it's working. Wondering if anyone has ran into this issue and how they solved it.

let sort = NSSortDescriptor(key: "createdTimestamp", ascending: false)

error returned: Unknown field 'createdTimestamp'


I had to reply, so that the others would know. It's true you'd get that exact error even though createdTimestamp does exist in the metadata of your record when you check it on the icloud. You can definitely still use the old creationDate.


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