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Project 28 - Authentication

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Hi Everyone,

I'm on project28 and wondering if anyone has any thoughts. I'm currently doing the challenges and trying to figure out a way to continue to prompt for password, when they enter it wrong. I thought a While loop would help solve this however i thik the problem with that is that it never paused to wait for a response it just constantly cycles round. As a result the UIAlertController never appears.

Any thoughts.... My snippet is below....

                        var authenticated = false

                        while !authenticated {
                            let ac = UIAlertController(title: "Authentication Failed", message: "You could not be identified; please enter Password", preferredStyle: .alert)
                            ac.addAction(UIAlertAction(title: "OK", style: .default, handler: { (_) in
                                guard let input = ac.textFields?[0].text else {return}
                                if input == KeychainWrapper.standard.string(forKey: "Password") {
                                    authenticated = true
                            self?.present(ac, animated: true)





I used var timesTried = Int() to track how many times a face/fingerprint authentication has been used. When it's wrong for the third time in a row, then it's the time to display the "Enter the password" alert controller. Once the correct password is entered, you can reset the mentioned property: timesTried = 0.


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