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Project 25 - Multipeer Connectivity not working due to new security setting??

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I'm having trouble with this project, however, my issue is that the multipeer connection times out. I start by running it on the simulator and host the session. When I run it on my connected iOS device and join session, I can see the simulator and when I try connecting, I never get prompted on the simulator to accept/decline. This must be a security/entitlement setting but I cannot figure out what needs to be added.

Anyone know how to resolve this?


I faced the same issue when I did the project a few weeks back, but couldn't find an answer either. Ran it through a whole load of different combinations of iPad / iPhone / simulator with no effect.


I was able to get passed it but I wasn't able to figure out the issue. I only got past it by using Paul's project from the master project files. I opened his project, ran it and it worked. It's definitely not a coding issue because the only code file in the project is the viewcontroller and I had already used his VC file in my project and still didn't work. So it's a security setting or entitlement that needs to be added as I originally thought, but I still can't figure out what to add. At least this way I can proceed with the challenges.


same problem here. the host is never prompted to accept/decline and the session on the device trying to join times out. anyone found the solution to that?


Hi guys,

I had a similar problem at the time and have looked backed at my code. I think the only issue was to do with using the "MCAdvertiserAssistant", this needed to be changed to "MCNearbyServiceAdvertiser". As a result i think the changes that are needed are:

  1. Your properties needed updated: var mcAdvertiserAssistant: MCAdvertiserAssistant?


    var mcAdvertiserAssistant: MCNearbyServiceAdvertiser?

  2. Your startHosting function needs update: mcSession = MCSession(peer: peerID, securityIdentity: nil, encryptionPreference: .required) mcSession?.delegate = self


    mcAdvertiserAssistant = MCNearbyServiceAdvertiser(peer: peerID, discoveryInfo: nil, serviceType: "hws-project25") mcAdvertiserAssistant?.delegate = self mcAdvertiserAssistant?.startAdvertisingPeer()

    I'm pretty sure that's all i changed to get it going and for the prompt to appear. If that doesn't work let me know, as i definitely got it going at the time and i will go back and rebuild it all to check what i did.




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