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SOLVED: project 19 kUTTypeProperList and UTTypePropertyList

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hello again!

xcode is throwing this error at me when I try to follow its advise. Ayone know what's going on?

the entire code is below, but the error is coming from this line here

itemProvider.loadItem(forTypeIdentifier: kUTTypePropertyList as String)

and it says to use UTTypePropertyList instead of kUTTypePropertyList because it's been depreciated in ios 15.0. When I do that, i get this error:

Cannot find 'UTTypePropertyList' in scope

import UIKit
import MobileCoreServices
import UniformTypeIdentifiers

class ActionViewController: UIViewController {

    @IBOutlet weak var imageView: UIImageView!

    override func viewDidLoad() {

        //        if let inputItem = extensionContext?.inputItems.first as? NSExtensionItem {
        //            if let itemProvider = inputItem.attachments?.first{
        //                itemProvider.loadItem(forTypeIdentifier: KUTTypePropertyList as String)
        //                {[weak self] (dict, error) _ in
        //                }
        //            }
        //        }
        //    }

        if let inputItem = extensionContext?.inputItems.first as? NSExtensionItem {
            if let itemProvider = inputItem.attachments?.first {
                itemProvider.loadItem(forTypeIdentifier: UTTypePropertyList as String)
                { [weak self] (dict, error) in
                    guard let itemDictionary = dict as? NSDictionary else{return}
                    guard let javaScriptValues = itemDictionary[NSExtensionJavaScriptPreprocessingResultsKey] as? NSDictionary else {return}



    @IBAction func done() {
        // Return any edited content to the host app.
        // This template doesn't do anything, so we just echo the passed in items.
        self.extensionContext!.completeRequest(returningItems: self.extensionContext!.inputItems, completionHandler: nil)



Hi there! As far as I remember, there were some changes so try using this. It took me some time to find back then, when I was following this course as well :)

itemProvider.loadItem(forTypeIdentifier: UTType.propertyList.identifier as String)


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