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SOLVED: Project 11 - Sprites rendering slightly lower than bottom of screen

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I have set the GameScene anchor point to be 0, 0 but sprites with 0.5, 0.5 as an anchor point (the middle of the sprite) are rendering under the bottom of the screen. For the bouncer, I would expect half of the bouncer to be visible when rendered at a y-value of 0 but only the top 30% is visible. When the balls (sprites) fall using physics, they also disappear under the bottom edge of the screen.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong here?


Are you using an actual device to test or the simulator? And, which device or simulator are you using?

I'm mostly just curious about those questions. But in some of my projects so far, I found that they would go off the bottom of the screen if I wasn't using the 13" ipad simulator. (I don't have an actual iPad to test on)

But I have found that if I change this line in the GameViewController.swift file...

scene.scaleMode = .aspectFill


scene.scaleMode = .fill

it seems to fix the problem for me.


Legend! That solved it for me -- thank you.

To answer your question, I am using an iPad mini (6th gen) simulator.


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