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On day 42, I have followed this properly but when I run my "Label" doesn't even show like his, I dont know why it isnt working. Everything is the same! I have to change the background colour to see the cells, and even at that they are small, they are 6 cells on a row where as in his it's 2 in a row, potrait mode


Okay so I found the problem, on main.storyboard, go on your collection view object and go to it's size inspector. Make sure the estimated size is not automatic but none.


Had the same issue! Another reason why to never use Storyboards again, really starting to hate it.


thanks @K-Aje108 , just spent my dinner time trying to figure this out 😭



Thanks for this solution! Was having the same problem. But as you said selecting the collection view in the storyboard and changing the estimate size from automatic to none solved it.


Thanks for solution. Same problem here :-)


Thanks for the input guys, this fixed my issue

this site is amazing !


Thank you so much! :)


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