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Project 10 Day 42 my image view for the collection view is not being displayed and the label does not show

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First how do I add an image here? I want to show what my simulator looks like second

I followed his exact guidelines for creating a UICollectionView and adding a UImage and UIlabel in story board but for some reason when I select a picture and load it to the cell it is not displaying it. It looks like it is partially showing. I followed his x, y, width, and height exactly. Also for some reason the person prototype cell has something called content view and inside content view we have image view and name, however in his tutoital he did not have content view under his person it was directly image view and name. This would be easier if I knew how to add an image here to show. I clicked on the image icon for this textbox but it is showing http


I found the issue look for estimated size and choose none in story board. So click collection view and in size inspector click estimated size to none.


You cannot paste images into the Hacking With Swift forum. My guess is this would add tremendous costs due to storage requirements. Just a guess.

Instead, pick a free service like Imgur.com. Post your screen shots there!

Then use Markup to create a link. Here's an example:

![Rock Paper Scissors](https://i.imgur.com/abc123wxy.png)

The exclamation point indicates you're inserting a graphic. What's in the brackets is a text snip describing the link. What's in the parens is the link to your imgur.com graphic.

I think you can figure it out.



You found a solution and posted it here. This is great.

But you have one more thing to do.

PLEASE mark your answer as SOLVED. This lets others know that your problem was solved and may help them solve a similar problem in the future.


Thank you @Rockysaxena49, that works!


Thank you very much mate for solving this issue :) Helped a lot


Thank you bro!...that helped a lot


That did it!! Just for clarity...

Select Main.storyboard in the project navigator

From the Scene Navigator select Collection View

From the Size Inspector select the drop down menu next to Estimate Size and select None


Thank you =)


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