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Project 1 (Storm Viewer) - large image title overlaid on image, not contained in navigation bar

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Hey everyone. I'm at the point in the Storm Viewer UIKit tutorial where we first set navigationController?.navigationBar.prefersLargeTitles = true and then expect the title of images to look as follows in the DetailViewController:

Instead, for me it looks like this:

  1. Why does the top navigation bar not encompass the image name?
  2. Why does my image not fill the screen as it does in Paul's example even though I did set Content Mode to Aspect Fill in the Inspector panel of the Image View in the Detail View Controller.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide! :)


I have this problem too!


For the 2nd issue, is Image View in Main.storyboard extended all the way to the safe area?


I have this issue as well. It apears that the safe area is too close to the top of the view and I can not figure out how to make the image not display in the Navigation Controller


I had this issue as well, i think it had to do with the size of the display. When i ran it on a larger phone simulator the problem seemed to resolve.


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