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Paul... not sure you'll see this but I have a new concept idea for a set of unique and much in demand tutorials...

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I'm not sure if the 100 days is the right place for this - I think it is but it can also be a standalone thing.

I know there are a lot of people who can code, but really, reallly struggle to read and understand the following:

a) Apple's Framework Documentation and how to read it, use it and make sense of how to implement things from it b) Xcode compiler errors - these are often cryptic and not clear enough for people to know what's actually wrong with their code

So what happens is most people go and copy code from StackOverflow, medium or watch quite low quality youtube videos.

It would be SO much better if Apple wrote their documentation better to help new people and people coming back to it to really understand what it's saying and how to use the frameworks and classes and find methods.

So my concept idea is a series, from very first principles, that explains and shows, just using the official documentation and compiler errors / warnings, on how to read this and learn from it, and build an app using that knowledge, rather than resorting to 3rd party sites and misinformation.

What do you think Paul? Does this sound like something you would be interested in helping/providing?


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