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Implicit Unwraping

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Hi Guys,

I am currently on project 7 but I still do not undertsand why in project 4 we implicity uwrapped the webView property.

var = webView: WKWebView!


You are declaring that it there and when you come to use it will be there. Same as when you use var button: UIButton!

and then in the override func loadView() you put

webView = WKWebView()

PS no = in the var webView: WKWebView!


Yeah but why do I need to implicitly unwrap it.


You need to do that to tell Xcode that you're sure it will be there at runtime. If you leave the ! out, you will see Xcode will complain about not having an initialiser. That;s another option, to initialise the property in an initialiser.

Another option is to directly initialise the property like so:

var webView = WKWebView()

You assign a WKWWebView to the var webView and initialise it on the go!


Okay makes sense, thanks guys!


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