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Day9 - access control - test

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Can someone clarify this to me please ?

Q4: - I chose false, because there is a private property and no custom init - and the answer was wrong struct Contributor { private var name = "Anonymous" } let paul = Contributor()

Q6: - I chose false, on the same idea as above - and the answer is right struct Doctor { var name: String var location: String private var currentPatient = "No one" } let drJones = Doctor(name: "Esther Jones", location: "Bristol")

What is the difference between these 2?

Also I tried these 2 scenarios in playground and they are both false.


What are the questions? Sorry, it's been a while since I went through this.

At any rate, the difference between these two structs:

The second struct has non-private properties that do not have a default value, so they have to be initialized when the struct is created. The compiler will automatically generate a memberwise initializer for those properties.

The first struct has just one property and it has a default value, so the compiler will not generate a memberwise initializer for it. It's also private, so there wouldn't be a generated init anyway, even if there was no default value. You would get a compile error because there would be no way to initialize the struct.


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