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Day 73 - Project21 - Challenge - Triggering Local Reminder 24hrs later

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I am currently on Day 73 and trying to complete the challenge relating to Project21 - Local Notifications.

I am wondering how i ca change the trigger to cause the notification to occur 24hrs later. The scheduleLocal() function does not take a parameter that i could pass to it to tell it i want the trigger timeInterval to be 86400, so i cannot call it like that from the didReceive funnction.

If i attempt to add a parrameter to do this it then causes the UIBarButton initialiser to present an error that i cannot pass a parameter in the #️⃣selector call as it is a objectiveC fuction.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




I used the stupid way to sort of "achieve" this, which is basically using DispatchQueue.main.asyncAfter() and setting the deadline as .now()+x (with x being whatever seconds needed to pass between the time right now converted in seconds and 86400, which is how many seconds in a day on average..)

Exp: if my alarm was set at 4pm everyday, that pretty much equals to 57600 seconds from midnight. Then i will set the delay in GCD at .now + 28800 ( basically 8 hours later to call scheduleLocal(), and the notification should pop up again at 4pm the next day, as it is 57600 seconds away from midnight)...

But I would love to see if somebody came up with the smarter way LOL. i am stuck on this too.


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