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Day 33 - Project 7

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Hey all,

One thing I'm not understanding about Day 33/Project 7 is why 2 files called 'users' and 'user' get created. I've toyed with JSON data on several small test/learning apps and I seem to be able to slap structs in my ViewController and use them to point Decodables to the right section in the JSON data I download.

So, what's the logic behind it? Is it to keep the code cleaner (in that case, why create two files) or is there a deeper reason my inexperienced self isn't seeing? :-)


Hey Eric, I think it's for the purpose of keeping code cleaner. The code works regardless of if you want to slap them in the current viewController or create 2 seperate ones, but since there are already a viewController class with a bunch of code in it, it's just prettier and way less messy to create 2 clean files, saves us some scrolling.

Just my opinion, there may be a technical reason i don't know about? Let's see what the rest of the community have to say :)


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